What started out in Asia has quickly expanded across the globe, with no sign of slowing down — Pockyt is here to connect businesses and individuals alike to digital wallets.

Asian Digital Wallets are the beginning

For years, Asian companies and consumers have been transitioning to digital payments. This process has been accelerated with the rise of super apps. The digital wallets like Alipay and WeChat Pay, tied to the world’s most popular super apps, make it easier than ever to pay using a QR-code-based payment for goods and services. 

While the concentration of users paying with digital wallets has largely been in Asian countries within Super Apps, this is a global phenomenon taking place. The adoption of this way of transacting is trickling throughout the western world. 

The Transition from Yuansfer to Pockyt

Due to the huge popularity of digital wallets in Asian countries, specifically China, Yuansfer initially focused on consumers located in or originating from this part of the world. The name Yuansfer comes from the name of the currency of China combined with the English word transfer. 

We started out with the goal of connecting businesses with billions of Asian consumers by enabling these businesses to accept shoppers’ preferred forms of payment. Consumers can transfer Yuan to these businesses in exchange for goods and services, hence the name, Yuan-sfer. 

Our vision today is to continue our reach across the globe. While touchless payments have already been gaining in popularity in recent years, the ongoing health pandemic accelerated the use of hands-free, QR-code payments. The super apps popular in China are not the only ones leveraging digital payments. Paypal, Venmo, and others in the Western world are expanding their offerings. Pockyt enables merchants and brands to accept these types of payments without making changes to their existing online or in-store checkout process.

The Future of Payments in Your Pockyt

We rebranded to the name Pockyt to better represent the true nature and accessibility of digital payments. It’s as easy as reaching into your pocket and using your preferred method of payment to pay for anything and everything. As we expand, this ability will as well. Across the globe, more businesses are adopting the integration into their POS and more consumers are exploring using digital QR-code-based payments.

Pay How You Like at Businesses Across the World

While Pockyt currently enables businesses to accept an additional 15 digital wallets, we are constantly growing our offerings. So one day, no matter where in the world you are, you can pay using your preferred method of payment in the most streamlined and secure way possible.

Pockyt empowers businesses of all sizes to expand their customer base easily with little upfront investment. Learn more about Pockyt’s offerings by visiting our product page or by contacting one of our team members today.