Consumers’ personal and financial information is more at risk than it ever has been before. Their information is stored on multiple apps, websites, and devices, leaving it vulnerable for enterprising criminals. Protecting that information is more important than ever. 

Super apps can remove the need for having consumer information spread across so many vulnerable networks by having all personal and financial information stored in one convenient ecosystem of products and services, as opposed to spread across multiple platforms.

But even then, information security remains an issue. So how do super apps protect your personal and financial information? Let’s take a look.

Point of Sale Protection

One of the most common ways consumers use super apps, like Alipay or KakaoPay, is to pay for goods and services with their digital wallet. Protecting consumer financial information at the point of sale is imperative for businesses, as well as the super apps responsible for guarding that information.

Luckily, digital wallet payments are one of the most secure payment forms currently around. Being vastly superior to credit card payments when it comes to information security, the digital wallet payment functionality housed in the super app uses QR-codes to exchange payment information between the digital wallet and the point of sale system. The QR-code changes from sale to sale, so no one code is ever used twice. This adds an extra layer of security.

Protecting Consumer Information

But super apps also come with mini programs for banking and investing, among other financial uses. So keeping user data secure is of paramount importance. Over 156,000 mobile banking trojans were identified in 2020 alone. And that number will only grow as our world becomes more digital.

Super apps that Pockyt is connected with protect consumer information with two-factor authentication and maintain strict cybersecurity measures, to help ensure that all personal information is kept safe and secure. Additionally, super apps have whole internal teams dedicated to regularly updating the security programs that run in the background, making sure they stay one-step ahead of hackers.
Does your business accept the digital wallets of super apps like Alipay and KakaoPay? Like we mentioned earlier, digital wallets are one of the most secure forms of payment on the market. And they’re the preferred payment method of billions of consumers, online and around the world. Want to learn more? Talk to a member of our team today.