Every business today seems to have an app of its own. If your business isn’t one of those, a cheaper and more efficient option may be on its way. In fact, they’ve already changed the way users interact with brands across Asia. They’re called mini apps, or mini programs, and they may be able to help you change your brand for the better.

What Are Mini Apps?

According to HubSpot, mini apps, also known as mini programs, are “small apps with limited features that exist in a bigger app,” or a super app. They’re often developed or co-created by a brand that partners with the main app’s company.  

Mini programs aren’t as common in the West currently, but they’re a way of life in the East. Over 2.3 million mini apps currently exist. WeChat, a dominant messaging app, has adopted many mini programs of its own. Customers who use WeChat can use mini apps within the super app to book movie tickets, order food, and more. 

Though no super apps or mini apps exist in this form in western countries, Apple and Snapchat have already created versions of mini programs in their apps. Snap Minis are miniature branded experiences within the Snapchat app. By simply going to the chat feature and clicking a spaceship icon, users can try a number of branded experiences such as games, scheduling tools, and meditation services.   

Mini Program: Merging Offline with Online Branding

For businesses offering any goods or services, especially in eCommerce, mini apps are becoming an increasingly important channel for retailers to engage customers. Why? Because they are a quick, reliable, low-risk, and profitable gateways for brands to bridge the digital and physical shopping divide. This is called Online-Merged with-Offline.   

Mini programs allow for a seamless, holistic experience of brands, no longer separated into digital and in-person sectors. For example, shoppers can scan items in-store if their size is not available and have them delivered at home while still being able to see and touch the item in person. 

As more brands emerge, businesses will face challenges when it comes to finding the best platform for getting customer attention and market share. Overcoming this requires a stable, reliable eCommerce platform. Mini apps fit this bill perfectly, capable of engaging wider audiences efficiently. Here are just a few ways how they can do this:

  1. Store mini-apps can display offline store information while distributing cards or coupons.
  2. Mini apps can use a “mini programs nearby” feature to drive traffic to online stores, resulting in improved profitability.
  3. Mini apps can be the foundation for eCommerce platforms, capable of sending payment reminders, order updates, and more to drive engagement.
  4. Mini apps can launch digital marketing campaigns and provide you with all the new insights they bring.
  5. Your brand can live stream from mini apps, providing for technology-enhanced product showcasing. 

Dive into Mini Programs with Pockyt

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